The 2019 Wall Calendar

Presenting the 2019 Wall Calendar from Amazing Action Shots. I have chosen 12 of my best shots for the 12 pages and 1 for the cover.  This would be a nice display in your living room wall if you love nature. Preview and order your copy today.

The 2019 Amazing Action Shot Wall Calendar

Free Amazing Action Shots for Download

Images on this page have no watermark. You are welcome to download them for personal usages or non-profit publication. However, for any commercial use, please email me  with detail.


Cupertino Railroad and Fall Foliage

A Heron Taking Off

A frog attempting to jump

A Jungle Blubber on a Pipe

Great Blue Heron Flying

A Hummingbird at pre-takeoff

A Sparrow on a Branch



Reader's Favorite

Photographing Havasupai - The Land of Turquoise Blue Waterfall

A Dead Chick & The Frantic Mother

How To Photograph Bird Catching Fish

How to Photograph Fireworks Display

The Leaping Coyote