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How To Photograph Bird Catching Fish

If you shoot wildlife, one of your most seek after action shot would be 'bird catching fish'. The large birds with long bill ( herons & egrets family) pulling a live fish out of water looks fantastic in the photo.  The other group is the eagle & osprey family. This group usually catches fish that the other group wouldn't even dare. The size of prey is always proportion to it's predator.
Eagles & Ospreys are not found in abundance. They lives in specific area, and often migrate with the season changes. To shoot them catching fish, would require special planning. You may have to drive to their habitat, and book hotels for few days to see them in action.  Whereas herons & egrets are very common bird.  They are seen almost near every water body.  To shoot them in action, you just need a lot of patience & patience only. It will never be like you go out with your camera and the bird would be ready to pose with a fish in it's bill.
The Gears: You will…

How to Photograph Fireworks Display

People all around the world celebrates some events with spectacular fireworks display. It maybe religious, social, sports, national days, or special events but fireworks are always awesome display of lights. They also look amazing on photograph if you can shoot them properly.  From my experiences, I would like to share some tips & tricks on how to shoot fireworks with a camera. The Gear List:A Camera with manual control ( Manual focus, Manual exposure )Wide angle lens ( The wider is better, especially if you are near the event. I recommend 20mm or less. If you have only telephoto lens, then  find a place far away with good visibility to the event location)A sturdy tripodCable release ( manual / electronic / remote, based on your camera)Fully charged camera battery ( keep an spare too for long event)Patience is one of the key element but it's no gear
Shooting Location:
Once you have your gear ready, head off to the shooting location. Find a place to sit, a bit fur away from th…

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Golden Gate Relay 2017

Some action shots from the Golden Gate Relay 2017. The relay starts at Calistoga and runs 191 miles to Santa Cruz The Start Line Interview Team 205 Started at Lighting SpeedDamsel DelightedRunner's Exchange Team 205The Chase :P The FinisherEcstaticThe Jump At The Finish Line The Photographer

Flock of Sandpipers

A Flock of Sandpipers Flying Over the Wild Yellow Mustard Blooms; it's so beautiful to watch this in person. Also equally beautiful to have a large print decorating your living room.

Angry Sparrow

The Sparrow is not really angry, rather cold and totally puffed itself up for protection from the cold wind. The shot reminds me the birds from Angry Bird movie. It was really cute to watch it staying on the spot fearlessly.

Easter 2017

Happy Easter to you All.


She was flying low before deciding to stop just next to an Avocet. With the wing fully spread and head tilted, the shot was an amazing action shots


Whenever I want a candid shot that shows actions or tell stories, I would rather have a -REAL- photographer do that job than trusting  my selfie skills or asking a friend, with a smartphone camera to help. Because I know, smartphone camera disappoints more often than I could ever imagine. I shoot wildlife actions or sports with long lens, landscapes or portrait with specialized lens designed for those task. They never disappoint me like my smartphone camera does.
Wildlife The first wildlife one would think about wildlife photography is bird. Just fit a 300mm+ lens in your camera and shoot in lowest aperture to get faster shutter speed & blurry background, keeping your bird in sharp focus. The same techniques apply in other wildlife shooting as well, but you may often need tripod or mono-pod  depending on lighting conditions. The most important part of shooting wildlife is about patience, you need lots of them as you never know when your perfect shot coming.
Some Birds In Action