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Whenever I want a candid shot that shows actions or tell stories, I would rather have a -REAL- photographer do that job than trusting  my selfie skills or asking a friend, with a smartphone camera to help. Because I know, smartphone camera disappoints more often than I could ever imagine. I shoot wildlife actions or sports with long lens, landscapes or portrait with specialized lens designed for those task. They never disappoint me like my smartphone camera does. Wildlife The first wildlife one would think about wildlife photography is bird. Just fit a 300mm+ lens in your camera and shoot in lowest aperture to get faster shutter speed & blurry background, keeping your bird in sharp focus. The same techniques apply in other wildlife shooting as well, but you may often need tripod or mono-pod  depending on lighting conditions. The most important part of shooting wildlife is about patience, you need lots of them as you never know when your perfect shot coming. Some B