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How to Photograph Fireworks Display

People all around the world celebrates some events with spectacular fireworks display. It maybe religious, social, sports, national days, or special events but fireworks are always awesome display of lights. They also look amazing on photograph if you can shoot them properly.  From my experiences, I would like to share some tips & tricks on how to shoot fireworks with a camera. A single firecracker lit the sky The Gear List: A Camera with manual control ( Manual focus, Manual exposure ) Wide angle lens ( The wider is better, especially if you are near the event. I recommend 20mm or less. If you have only telephoto lens, then  find a place far away with good visibility to the event location) A sturdy tripod Cable release ( manual / electronic / remote, based on your camera) Fully charged camera battery ( keep an spare too for long event) Too close to the event won't fit all in the frame, staying far enough is recommended to fill the frame properly Patience