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The Leaping Coyote

Tomale Point Elk Reserve is a good place to photograph Elks. You also get to see lots of Hawk hovering over the hill, looking for prey. There are many small birds and owls too. However, people goes there mainly for the amazing hiking trail. The trail is about 4 miles long along the pacific coast with some breathtaking views. I went there to photograph some Bull Elks. It was about 2 hours drive from my home but San Francisco traffic made it little over 3. I wasn't expecting this traffic delay on a Saturday afternoon. By the time I reached the trail head parking lot, it was already 4pm. I estimated that I wouldn't be able to hike the whole trail if I wanna return before it gets dark. Fortunately, I saw a group of bull Elks right near the parking lot and clicked few shots without bothering about setting up tripod to get some sharp images. I thought, there must be a plenty of them around and I would get my chances once I start hiking in the trail. Little did I know, that was th

How To Clean DSLR Image Sensor

Back in the old days, we only cleaned our camera body. It was limited to external cleaning and blowing out dust from the mirror & focusing screen. The digital era added another component in that list, i.e. the Image Sensor.  It is also the most delicate part of any DSLR.  If you shoot  in outdoor or change lens frequently, the chances are pretty high that your image sensor will gather some dust, maybe even few stubborn dirt that ruins your images.  Know When To Clean Image Sensor: The only thing you need to do is to view your digital image at 1:1 enlargement. Almost all photo viewing / editing software has 1:1 enlargement setting. At 1:1 enlargement, scrutinize the image for tiny black ( or dark) dots or lines. You may not see anything in landscape shots if the whole frame is covered with objects  / trees etc. They are more visible in blue or white cloud sky shot covering the whole frame. The best reference would be the blue sky covering the whole frame, or just a white sc