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A Dead Chick & The Frantic Mother

Photographing young chicks being feed by mommy bird is one of the favorite thing for wildlife photographers. The fist task for this is to locate a nest without disturbing the surrounding.  This is obviously the hardest part. I've been searching for one such nest ever since I  bought first telephoto lens, a 300mm Nikkor.  But I never found one that are suitable for photographing.  I've seen nest high on tall tree, or deep inside a bush where light is not enough. So it remained in  my wish list. However, this summer I was lucky to spot one when I visited my sister's home in India. Though it was high at the tip of a mango branch, I got a clear view of the nest from the roof. There were 2 grown up Myna chicks, just learning to fly. I was happy and took my first few shots, determined to get up early next morning to shoot the feeding.  Happy Time; 2 chicks playing together outside the nest Two much excitement can meet with a brutal shock. That's what exactly happene