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The Shorebirds

These birds live near the shore. You may call them shorebird, waterbird, aquatic bird, or wader. I photographed them in the wilderness, most of them around San Francisco Bay Area, and few others around the world. Identifying these birds were tougher than photographing them. The naming and other details are documented on my best effort basis. If you find any of them were not named correctly, please leave a comment with your suggestion. Photos can be viewed in larger size in the lightbox. Just click on any of the photo and a lightbox will appear, then use left or right arrow, or the mouse pointer to browse through the rest. However, lightbox does not display the respective caption or documentation. Common Name American Avocet Scientific Name Recurvirostra Americana Unique Identification Medium Size Aquatic Bird, mostly white body with black patches on wings, breeding adult has a rusty head and neck AmazingActionSho