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Amazing Action Shots

Recording lights and preserving memories of nature, wildlife, and everyday life. While we can't go back in the past, we can bring the past back through photography. The major part of my portfolio is on wildlife, probably because it is the easiest subject to photograph. I do not negotiate with the animals or ask them to pose for me. I just adapt with them and press the shutter release button when I feel it right. The best part of wildlife photography is that I do not need to take feedback from the animal on my photography skills. The only person I need to satisfy is me. If I'm not satisfied, I go back and try again. I also have a fair collection of landscapes photos. It is my 2nd favorite subject to photograph. It also keeps the track of all the places I have visited so far. Apart from that, I have bit's & pieces of other categories merged into a single one I call 'Everyday Life'. Presenting here some of my best action shots with the story behind getting t…