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Amazing Prints on Sale

These print sale are offered exclusively through my partnership with Fine Art America. With their excellent customer service, your sanctification is guaranteed. Please contact me if you have any questions on any of these images.

How I Got These Amazing Action Shots

Presenting some of my best action shots with the story about How I Got These Shot . I would appreciate your comment. Common Name Yellowstone Elk Scientific Name Cervus Canadensis Shooting Location On the West Thumb Geyser Basin Boardwalk, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. The Action Caption Elk In the AIR. The Story I spent the whole morning at Hayden Valley, hoping to find some animals in action. There, I got some furry Bison bulls and cows, not doing enough action. Disappointed, I drove south and make a stop at West Thumb, just to see the Geysers, especially the ones inside the lake, letting out steam occasionally. As I took the boardwalk, I noticed at distance two cow elks munching on grass near a water source. There were already a large group of tourist approaching that section of the boardwalk. I expected those Elks