Trailing a Coyote

I spotted this cute coyote near the hiking trail. I took few shots as he paused to inquire the sounds my camera shutter. He seems to be not much shy of human. 
First Click

Second Click

The Coyote Paused to inquire the shutter sound

He soon determined the sound was no threat or no prey either. The Tomali Point trail is very popular. Everyday, hundreds of people hike on that trail. So the Coyote is used to all human activity near the trail. He soon resumed his search for his meal.
He decided to ignore me

Looks like he spotted something

He growls

More Growling

He Turned towards the camera and posed with a smile

Last shot I got before he disappeared on the other side

I was disappointed that I lost him. I had no idea what was in store for me. As I continued my hike and resumed my return hike, I saw several people watching something interesting near the trail where I spotted the Coyote first. I quickly rushed there and found him ready to leap on a prey. I got very little time to set my camera properly. But I still got a couple of magnificent shot to keep. The Coyote pouncing on it's prey.
He Jumped to catch the prey

The Coyote in mid-air before landing on it's prey

Munching a heard earned evening snacks 
It was a satisfactory evening for me with the camera.  Please subscribe to my blog for future photos and photography tips and tricks.